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Many clients come back to us long after the divorce when their situation changes. For example, if changes to support are requested by a divorced parent who believes that the previously agreed level of support is too low or too high. Occasionally, it may be possible for an ex-spouse to receive a large amount of “funded” money instead of ongoing spousal support to finally get a net break. “One of the largest and best family law teams in London is getting stronger and stronger. When you are mandated by PMC, you know that the quality of the work will be first class. It is a team with very high demands from top to bottom. Rebecca is a family lawyer who is highly regarded for her reassuring and comprehensive advice, who is absolutely client-focused and who will always go the extra mile for her. Clients commented on his ability to “see the big picture” and his very friendly and empathetic approach in particularly sensitive cases. Rebecca advises on all aspects of family law, including divorce, financial remedies, injunctions (e.g., obtaining or defending non-harassment and occupation orders), and child issues. His experience includes complex and high-quality finance, such as complex corporate and/or fiduciary structures, confidentiality issues and prenuptial agreements. Rebecca also has extensive experience in handling private child cases, from requests for the application of section 8 of the Children Act to child abduction cases and court proceedings. Listed in The Legal 500 as a “recommended lawyer” and “next generation partner,” Adeeba represents clients of all kinds, from people with significant assets to vulnerable victims of domestic violence who are eligible for legal aid. Adeeba has worked on numerous high-profile divorce and family cases and is known for her expertise in international and national family law, representing clients before high and lower courts.

Adeeba and her team work consistently for clients in all family law matters, particularly in cases of child abduction, surrogacy or adoption. Adeeba holds the position of Director of Family and Child Care in “an excellent law firm with talented and experienced staff” (Legal 500) and is a respected commentator and familiar face on television and radio because of the respect she enjoys. His work with many nonprofits also underscores his commitment to helping at-risk clients, in some cases on a pro bono basis. Yes, she has a big name. Yes, she`s a brilliant young employee at Payne Hicks Beach. Yes, it is serenity itself, methodical, thoughtful and friendly. But Costley is also progressive and savage on behalf of women who quit their jobs to take care of the family and then find themselves at the wrong end of a breakup. In her spare time, she enjoys triathlon. And finished two Iron Man races: “The competitive spirit is deep in my family and I rode against my twin sister, my father and my husband. Only one of the three passed me, but I will take it to the next… So yes, she can handle your divorce. But it could also bring you together: “We had four reconciliations in a year and in each of these cases, the couples brought him out of the abyss. Divorce lawyers aren`t icy – many of us are actually advocates for marriage.

David Hodson – What he doesn`t know about international family work is not worth knowing. Ann Thomas – Brilliant customer skills and a pleasure to work with. Lucy Greenwood – A brilliant strategist who chooses her legal team very carefully. Lucy Loizou – Leads the team brilliantly! Michael Allum – One of the best lawyers in the industry. He will be a star in the world of family law for many years to come! Helen Blackburn – Whether on her instructions or in a case against her, you should definitely bring your `A` game! We are highly experienced in advising and working in all areas of family law with a particular focus on resolving complex financial issues and protecting the well-being of children during divorce or separation. While our divorce lawyers have a reputation for being excellent litigators, we encourage dialogue between spouses. We will also inform you about more consensual approaches, including alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as divorce mediation, in order to reduce time, costs, anxiety and stress. “Just a great team. Farrer is a full-service private client company and the family division is second to none. Without a doubt one of the best companies in London. I can`t talk enough about them.

They are all team players and play the game for the best benefit of their customers. “It`s a partner-led practice. Sarah Hoskinson and Richard Handel are two of the best partners in the industry, with a real understanding of international work. They work at the same level as experienced consultants. Hebe Thorne is a talented employee in the company and certainly “an employee to watch in the future”. As one of the founding partners of this family law firm, Sharon has specialised in family work since her qualification in 1987 and has been an Associate District Judge with the London Courts Group since 2000. She is highly regarded for her skills in handling complex financial cases that require qualified forensic work and for her determined and determined approach. Sharon is portrayed in The Legal 500 and Chambers UK as “a good person you can have in a negotiation because she really understands how to sort things out” and her calm but not absurd approach ensures that she gets the best results for her clients. Sharon is also a trained family mediator. The whole team is very good, but I would choose Claire Blakemore. From my point of view, she is one of the best family law lawyers in London. She is very intelligent and thoughtful and, in my experience, always brings something new to the case.

I really appreciate their conclusions and comments. Julian Lipson and Michael Gouriet are 2 of the best family law lawyers in London. Michael Gouriet is an incredible all-rounder with perfect judgment – loved by his clients and respected by all the best law firms and lawyers in family law. Georgina Hamblin: She has already made a name for herself as a talented marriage lawyer for the ultra-rich divorcee. She will clearly succeed the Grand Dames, who are about to retire and become one of the big names in family law. She is brilliant. Simon McKirgan: He has one of the best lawyers in family law. His attention to detail is second to none, he is also very friendly and gives excellent advice. “Boodle Hatfield`s family team is among the best in the industry and now challenges the biggest companies.