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On exhortation and repentance. On exhortation and repentance. 1. Doctrine is not coercion; of free will is the word of life. Who is ready to use the file. /…/Hymns and Sermons of Ephraim the Syrian/On Exhortation and Penance.htm Feed (16 occurrences). Ephesians 6:4 And the fathers! Do not provoke your children, but feed them in the Lord`s instruction and exhortation. (YLT)…/n/nourish.htm – 13k As a wife, I have often been reprimanded by my dear husband. It doesn`t feel good when your spiritual doubts, missteps, and wanderings are exposed, but a good husband will understand the responsibility God has given him and will speak, and I grew up because of that. His sweet memory of me (not so sweet in the past; he also grew up) of staying strong and not giving in to the dissatisfaction and unfaithful way of thinking that creeps into my being is what the warning is all about. Feel good, everything is allowed, pat yourself on the back Theology deceives far too many believers. The Word of God is not subject to our emotions or the definition of morality by today`s generation.

Teaching (372 occurrences). the priest-teachers, the Levites and the fathers sent by Jehoshaphat were one of enlightenment in the double sense of instruction and exhortation (2 Chronicles 19 …/t/teaching.htm – 62k Dictionary of rhymes: words rhyming with exhortation Exhortation. EXHIBITION OF THE APOCALYPSE. The warning. “Behold, I come like a thief. Happy is the one who looks and keeps his clothes, so not. /…/bliss/A brief comment on the Apocalypse/Admonition.htm And, you fathers, do not provoke the anger of your children; but educate them in the Lord`s care and exhortation. When we witness behavior or hear beliefs that violate biblical teaching and turn our heads away (that is, we tolerate), we do not show love. We perpetuate sin and allow our fear of man to be more powerful than our fear of God. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms of the Admonition admonition (7 occurrences). and reprimand yourself (YLT).

Titus 3:10 A sectarian man must be rejected after a first and second admonition (see RSV). Isaiah 8:11 For …/a/admonishing.htm – 8k Special Lecture in Virginia. eternal well-being. O parents, parents! Is this how you educate your children in the Lord`s care and warnings? O remember. /…/Bente/American Lutheranism/Special Conference in Virginia.htm Ecclesiastes 4:13Better is worth a poor and wise youth than a foolish old king who can no longer receive exhortation. (WEB JPS ASV) Warning (30 occurrences). 3. (n.) Notice. 4. (n.) be wary of hazards or errors or bad practices that involve a danger; Warning; Reminder..

/ w/ warning.htm – 15k It was very informative. I would like to know more. I don`t see where I can sign up to learn more words in the series. Thank you very much. In this series, I take words that we may not know outside of their biblical framework or that might confuse our modern English sensibilities, and explain their original meaning in the context of the verse. Final warning. Book IV, Chapter 39. Final warning. If, as it may be, you want to know if there are many other points. /…/Augustine/Anti-Pelagian Scriptures/Chapter 39 Final Exhortation.htm The search for this word in Strong`s Concordance shows us that admonition and its admonish derivatives, exhort and exhort, are used twelve times in the Bible of the King James version. Paul utters these words of praise to the brethren in Romans: Chastisement (11 Events). A similar, but not identical, thought is found in Ephesians 6:4: “Feed them in the lord`s chastisement and exhortation.” But when paideia is described as …/c/chastening.htm, we finally have the word admonition (#G3559).

This Greek name, nouthesia, is found in Ephesians 6:4, Titus 3:10, and here in 1. Corinthians 10:11 means “to draw attention to a slight rebuke or warning.” I like a good study of words, don`t I? I hope you have joined me in getting an extra glimpse of the rich words used in the KJV Bible. A warning to those who come to visit the sick. THE PRACTICE OF PIETY. A warning to those who come to visit the sick. Those who come to visit the sick must have special care. /…/bayly/the practice of piety/admonition to those who.htm Titus 3:10A man who is a hierrick after the first and second admonitions that are rejected; (KJV WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT) The KJV, in addition to its lyrical beauty, uses several archaic words and words that have changed meaning over time, which could lead us to look for the next dictionary or concordance. Now all this has happened to them for Ensamples; and they are written for our admonition, to which the ends of the world have arrived. 1 Corinthians 10:11 But as Christians, it is our duty to lovingly point out biblical errors or actions that we see that might cause spiritual harm to our confreres.

May the word of Christ dwell in you, rich in all wisdom; Teach and exhort one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, sing to the Lord with grace in your hearts. Colossians 3:16 This is the warning in the Bible. What does the Greek source word νουθεσία mean and how is it used in the Bible? Below are the details of the definition. You will also find examples of Bible verses highlighted in yellow (follow this link to get there). Tap or move the mouse pointer over underlined blue words to see more original writings and meanings. Information from strong`s concordance[1]. Hover over the Bible text underlined in the verses on this page (as shown). Pop-ups display translations and definitions based on the original source font.

Click this button to pin the definition displayed in place. Click the Strong Concordance Details button for more information, including related verses. A warning at the end of the edict that no one. Book II. Chapter LX. A warning at the end of the edict that no one should disturb their neighbor. “Again, don`t let anyone use it. /…/Pamphilius/The Life of Constantine/Chapter Lx An admonition to.htm It was really interesting, Gleniece. Thank you for doing all the research for us.

Expect to see what other words you`ll have in the series. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with #ChasingCommunity today! xoxo Letter Xliii. Exhortation to young people. TOU AGIOU BAChILEIOU PERI TOU PNEUMATOCh BIBLION. Letter XLIII. Warning to young people. O faithful man of solitary and practicing life. /…/basilius/basil Letters and selected works/Letter xliii Exhortation to those.htm For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, they will accumulate teachers who have itchy ears;. If it is true that you write me a letter to reprimand me. 7. If it is true that you write me a letter to rebuke me, and because you want me to be reformed and you don`t want people to do it. /…/7 if true.htm 2Ki 17:13; Nephi 9:29–30 See also John 6:7–10; Times 2:1–4 “I am, do not be afraid.” Excerpt from Knox`s warning at .

“IT`S ME, DON`T BE AFRAID.” EXCERPT FROM KNOX`S WARNING TO ENGLAND. “Jesus spoke to them and said to them, `Be of good consolation, it is… /…/Knox/The Chair of Reformation No. 1 2 and 3 /I am not.htm How the sovereign, while living well, should teach and rebuke. ROME, Part III. How the sovereign, though he lives well, should teach and rebuke those under him.