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BLS Agreements are legally binding, valid, binding, enforceable and fully valid in all material respects. To Depomed`s knowledge, (i) no third party to a assigned agreement violates the applicable assigned agreement, and (ii) BLS does not violate any of the BLS agreements. Depomed will use commercially reasonable efforts to pursue and maintain Depomed`s intellectual property in the Territory in connection with a Product or its use, including depomed Patent Rights and Depomed Trademarks (in the case of the 1000mg Product, subject to BLS`s rights and Depomed`s intellectual property obligations under the BLS Agreements). The parties acknowledge that Depomed has certain rights and obligations under the BLS Agreements, Chargeback Agreements, Government Delivery Agreements and, prior to assignment, as provided for in this Agreement, assigned agreements, rights to manufacture or market products in the Territory (the “Third Party Agreements”). Depomed does not materially violate any assigned agreement or any of the BLS agreements and has not provided any third party with any notice (written or oral) that the third party is in breach of any such assigned agreement or BLS agreement. The place(s) of the undertaking and of the office of the managing director of the grantor and the office(s) where the grantor maintains its records of claims, together with all originals of all movable property proving the claims, shall be located at the address set out in point D of Annex I to this Regulation. Depomed has not received any written or oral notice from BLS that Depomed is in violation of the BLS Agreements. Correct, correct and complete copies of the assigned agreements and BLS agreements have been provided to Santarus, including all waivers, modifications and supplements.