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The Office of the General Counsel advises and represents the Board of Governors, the President and other directors in their capacity as agents who direct the affairs of the University. The firm`s lawyers do not provide legal services to faculty, staff or students in their personal matters. Students with personal legal issues should contact the Student Rights Office The Office of the Vice President and General Counsel was established in 2010 and is responsible for overseeing all legal matters of the University, including the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the College of Medicine in Hershey, University Park Campus and 19 others, 2 special mission campuses in the Commonwealth and the World Campus. Challenges and problems: As for the challenges we face, they are countless: in terms of process aspect, we have to perform many problems at once; Handle hundreds of pending cases in various forums on a daily basis and hire lawyers for appropriate representation, ensure that no matter goes unrepresented, file responses/counter-statements in a timely manner and without delay, and most importantly, make rigorous efforts not to issue an adverse injunction against the Company that could harm its business interests. In cases where such orders are issued, which frequently occurs, the Legal Department gives them the highest priority. In order for us to defend the Company and ensure that our lawyers are well informed and informed, it is imperative that we are also knowledgeable and familiar with the various policies, policies, rules and regulations of the Company. This in itself is a big challenge and you must always be up to date. Ahh, finally my novel. “Yours Legally” is something closer to me after my son and husband, as it was released in February after my son was born.

This is my first novel, the draft of which was written years ago, to be modified and re-modified with my new and challenging experiences with the legal profession. Writing is my hobby, passion and a form of meditation for me and I have been involved since school life. The idea of writing a book has been nurtured since I was young, and I really feel like when you do what you love, you put your heart and soul into it. Publishing a book about managing my child was a difficult task as I was sailing in two different boats at the same time. However, it was my passion and dedication to seeing myself as a writer that kept me going even after most of the waking nights of meals and diaper changes on the go. We all have a story to tell, but most of us are more afraid to pick up that pen or laptop and write down our thoughts. Maybe we are too lazy. As for my background, I was a regular writer, from journaling to writing articles, poems, working on my blog and once a week I always spent time expressing my thoughts and opinions. While working on this book, I made sure to write when my mind is free of disturbances, and that was mostly early in the morning. Perhaps the secret to publishing my book in the literary world is my hunger to become a writer and the fact that I never lost hope and patience.

Student Legal Services provides advice, recommendations, document preparation and other legal services to University Park and Commonwealth Campus students facing personal legal issues. To get started, fill out our admission form or drop by and see us. To identify your core competencies (and limitations) and enable optimal use of resources: As a lawyer, you can use it regularly while focusing on legal affairs and recognizing whether or not we have a strong argument in our favor. We can work on restrictions, i.e. where policy/law is silent, where documents are not available, and try to strategically use the points that work for us. In addition, as the company`s in-house legal counsel, we not only handle all legal cases filed by and against our company for our respective locations, but we also play a much more critical role, namely providing our legal advice on the many legal issues we deal with on a daily basis. With the increase in the number of litigation and active litigants, every company today strives to protect itself and its economic interests by inserting appropriate and appropriate legal clauses in its contracts and agreements to protect itself. Whether reviewing such agreements, drafting bonds, undertakings, appropriate acts on a case-by-case basis, dealing with ITRs issues or issuing our opinions on land matters, the role of the legal department of a public sector company cannot be compromised. Current staff includes the General Counsel, nineteen Assistant General Counsel, one Deputy General Counsel, one Executive Assistant, one Financial Assistant, one Paralegal and two Administrative Support Assistants. The General Counsel reports directly to the President and the Management Board.

Sonia Sahijwani Saini graduated in Law from the Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi (2007-2010). She comes from a commercial background and pursued journalism at IIMC New Delhi before making her foray into the field of law. Holding a Master of Business Law from NLSIU, Bangalore, rather than opting for a law firm/litigation firm or private company, she chose the unconventional route and had the opportunity to work as a legal clerk through an on-campus internship for a public sector job in 2010. His first stop was at a state-owned company in Miniratna under the Ministry of Commerce. In 2014, she was selected as a lawyer in a Maharatna company in the oil sector With about 9 years of experience as an in-house legal advisor for a parastatal institution, she currently works as a Deputy Legal Director in the Chandigarh Marketing Office. Experience in a PSU: Before talking about my transition to a Maharatna business and the challenges of working in a power supply, especially in a gigantic organization like mine, I would like to explain why I personally think I made the right decision from a small business. The biggest benefit I gained from working in my first company was the direct involvement and interaction we had almost daily with management, including the chairman and directors, from headquarters. It was amazing how detailed the company`s legal issues were by management and what impressed me most about the organization was that there was no rigid hierarchy. Since we were just a freshman with only a few months of experience, the seniors never made us feel less and treated us on an equal footing with them.

From civil lawsuits to complaints under the Negotiable Instruments Act, from arbitration applications to employment matters, I was exposed to various litigation in my first job and visited the courts almost every day. My experience and commitment to my first job definitely laid the foundation for my next assignment. Contract law has been one of my favourite subjects since graduating from Delhi University. Most of the litigation I have seen in this country stems from poorly drafted contracts. If our agreements were clear, unambiguous and precise with the appropriate legal clauses, half of the lawyers would no longer be employed!!! Let`s move on to the five most common mistakes people make when drafting contracts, as follows: My current business is spread across the country and is a popular and well-known name for everyone. In my current role, I feel an increase not only in the size of the organization and the number of people we deal with on a daily basis, but also in the criticality of the legal cases involved, which indirectly affect not only my company, but also the general public. His first novel “Yours Legal – a collection of short stories” was recently published by and is available online on Amazon, etc. During the interview, she talked about the challenges of working as a legal advisor in a PSU, the common mistakes people make when drafting contracts, and how law students can prepare for PSU jobs. My book Yours Legally is a collection of six short stories inspired by real events related to the legal profession.

Check it out on Amazon and get If you`re interested in the back, buy it and read it. In a private institution, you will work either as a corporate lawyer or as a litigator representing your clients in court, but in the legal department of a public sector, you will see the best of both worlds. Not only can you handle the cases of the company in question, but you can also learn how to develop expertise in a specific area, for example: Being in the oil sector has given me immense knowledge of the types of problems an oil company faces, and has also led me to gain some expertise in their agreements and policies. One advantage in a private sector is that you can experience a variety of litigation with different clients/businesses, but I think in the current constellation you need to have a competitive edge in a particular segment and excel at it if you want to thrive and progress in your career path. While, on the one hand, there will certainly be a lot of flexibility in procedures and work culture in a private company, on the other hand, a public sector operates and is based on well-established procedures, rules, policies and protocols that must be followed.